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A new wave of Russian robots against Ukraine

A new wave of Russian robots against Ukraine

The new wave of robots and missiles hit regions in northern, eastern and southern Ukraine.

Kharkiv, the second largest city in the northeast of the country, has been subjected to large-scale automated attacks in recent days, Ukrainian authorities quoted Reuters as saying.

– There was no army here. No infrastructure, no equipment. This is an ordinary residential area, says Viktor Kovalenko in Kharkiv.

About 40 civilians were said to have been killed in mechanized and missile attacks across the country in the past three days.

Ukrainian officials and local leaders fear another large-scale Russian attack on Kharkiv, Reuters reports.

A Russian robot crashed into the area of ​​a small house in the town of Kostyantinivka in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. picture: Anatoly Stefanov / AFP July 16, 2022

Space Factory

BBC Russian cruise missiles reportedly hit a space technology factory in the city of Dnipro, with a population of one million, southeast of Kyiv. At least three people were killed and 15 others injured when nearby apartment buildings collapsed, according to local officials.

The plant manufactures satellites and is said to have delivered the equipment to Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

A Russian robot has hit a warehouse in the strategically important port city of Odessa in southern Ukraine. picture: Oleksandr Gymanov / AFP July 16, 2022

Increased air attacks

According to the BBC correspondent in Kyiv, the Russian ground offensive in eastern Ukraine has been slightly relaxed, while air strikes with robots have increased – including in the central parts of the cities.

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Cruise missile attacks were previously reported Russian bombers And the submarines.

There are also shorter range missile attacks. Sergei Polvinov, deputy chief of the Kharkiv Regional Police Force, writes about it Facebook page That the missiles partially destroyed a two-storey building in the city of Tjohiv near Kharkiv.

Partially destroyed building in the city of Cav, near Kharkiv. picture: Sergey Popock / AFP July 16, 2022

Unclear ability

The prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) mentions in A the report The latest satellite images indicate that the Kremlin is ready to use less accurate robots to attack targets in city centres.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies writes that it is difficult to assess Russia’s short-term ability to maintain or increase industrial production of cruise missiles that can be used against land targets.

But it is clear that Russia is starting to lack robots, the authors of the report assess.