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Geopro in the Supreme Court ruling in Wiskowski: We have waited many years, but the truth has finally won

Geopro in the Supreme Court ruling in Wiskowski: We have waited many years, but the truth has finally won

We have been waiting for years, but the truth has finally prevailed – according to Wednesday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, Christoph Wyskovsky, a former opponent of the communist era, insisted that he should not apologize for inviting former President Lek Vasa. Secret Co-ordinator of the Security Service.

As he added, the Supreme Court on Wednesday quashed the “apparently unfair sentence”.

“We waited for years, but the truth finally prevailed. The Supreme Court granted my extraordinary appeal and overturned the apparently unjust sentence – தில்லை K. Wiszowski did not have to apologize for calling LP Vasa as SB’s secret collaborator” – we read on Geopra’s Twitter In a post published on Thursday.

This is the Wednesday ruling of the Supreme Audit Office of the Supreme Court, which overturned a 2011 ruling that ordered former opposition activist Christoph Wiskowski, from the time of the Polish People’s Republic, to apologize to former President Lek Vasa. Him as S.P.’s secret collaborator. This means that the legal status returns to the status quo set by the district court in Gda Gsk, which ruled in its first judgment in 2010 that Wyszkowski Włęsa does not have to apologize.

In an interview with reporters, Vyskovsky expressed his satisfaction with the verdict. “I am very pleased. I strongly believed in this kind of verdict, but I am very happy to conclude that the verdict is fair. That is, the Supreme Court’s ruling that every citizen has the right to tell the truth is in the interest of the community and public opinion,” he stressed.

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The former opposition activist insisted that the Supreme Court had illegally – in his opinion – overturned the Court of Appeal’s ruling. “In my opinion, it hurts me a lot. I + spent 16 years in the courts persecuted by the caste. These judges were in the service of the unqualified, such as Lex Vosa or Donald Dusk, who forbade discussions on known general matters” – Wyszkowski added. He also expressed the hope that this “shameful past is going to take its place”.

In March 2011, the Court of Appeals in Gdańsk summoned Weisskovsky on television under the pseudonym “Bolek”. Legally ordered to apologize to Visa for inviting him as a collaborator. Vyskovsky did not comply with the ruling, so Vasa issued an apology on TVN at his own expense. Eventually, the station paid him back for the ad.

The state’s attorney general filed an extraordinary complaint last year against the ruling. In the complaint, the public prosecutor asked that the sentence be overturned. The Office of the Attorney General charged the Court of Appeals with violating the constitutional principles of human and civil rights and freedom of speech and expression. According to PG, the Gdańsk court blatantly violated the law and did not take into account all the evidence relating to the past of the former president’s agent, which Vyskovsky put forward.

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