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Polish volleyball team starts games!  Where and when does he see? [TRANSMISJA TV, STREAM ONLINE]

Polish volleyball team starts games! Where and when does he see? [TRANSMISJA TV, STREAM ONLINE]

On Friday, July 23, the official opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was held. Athletes will compete for medals in front of empty stands. The Olympic torch will be lit by tennis player Naomi Osaka, and will be played by Maja Voskovskaya and Pave Korsenovsky in the role of white and red patients. Both were selected by the Polish Olympic Committee.

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You won’t find games in Tokyo, the start of the sports festival is celebrated on Friday

Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Poles want to improve their decision at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The Polish national team, led by Vital Heinen, won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Until the end of this year’s edition of the League of Nations, the Belgian coach is considering calling for the game in the Japanese capital. The biggest ever bl gowy He will appear in the position of Libero, where he will represent Pave Sadorki and Damien Vojtassek. Eventually, it falls on ZAKSA Kdzierzyn-Kole’s former player.

White and red people hope they can improve their outcome at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The Poles were then eliminated in the quarterfinals, where they lost 3: 3 to the United States. Now their rivals in the group will be the national teams of Italy, Japan, Canada, Iran and Venezuela. Initially, Poland will play Iran, with the next duel taking place two days apart.

In an interview with the Sports 24.BL portal, Bartos Curac made some specific announcements. Veerpina, who has reached the poles at every Olympics, will be the main competitor. “It’s definitely going to be a major sport. It’s a sport that has been in the field of dreams for many years, and finally we have to win it. No one wants to win more than us. Olympic paddle? Dominance. The road is still long,” he said.

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Olympic Games in Tokyo. Where and when does Poland watch the match against Iran?

The Polish national team will meet Iran in the first round of Group A on Saturday, July 24 at 12:40 p.m. The meeting will be broadcast on DVP1, Eurosport1, SportsTVPL and and on the DVP Sport mobile app. Live broadcast on and live mobile app.