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Georgia voters shift positions to block Trump candidates

Democrat Karen White says a lot is at stake in the 2022 primary.

– It’s the future of Georgia and, to some extent, the future of the United States.

She notes that Georgia participated in determining the 2020 presidential election. She believes the state’s vote could be of great importance in this fall’s midterm elections.

– Now there are a lot of issues at stake for members of Congress and the Senate. Just take the miscarriage issue that came up just a few weeks ago, she says.

Georgia in the south In many ways, it is a battleground for suffrage in the United States.

After the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump tried to convince state Republicans to “find” 11,780 votes and prevent Biden from winning the election. The Trump camp has now launched its own candidate, David Purdue, to retaliate against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp.

Jim and Julia, father and daughter, vote for Republican Brian Kemp to block Trump candidates.

Jim and Julia, father and daughter, vote for Republican Brian Kemp to block Trump candidates.

Photo: Karen Erickson

Many people outside the Duluth Library say they only changed their positions in the primaries. That is, they are Democrats running in the Republican primary and voting for the incumbent governor to prevent Purdue from becoming governor this fall.

– I felt strange to go here. I’ve never voted Republican. This is about the most important at the moment, says Julia Limthi.

She took care of herself to the polls with his father Jim. He, too, voted for Brian Kemp, though he plans to cast his vote for Democrats this fall.

We are concerned about what will happen if Trump gets his nominees. We saw what happened on January 6, 2021, he says, referring to the storming of the Capitol.

For Democrats, Kemp is both a hero and a villain: On the one hand, the governor has stood up to Trump’s pressure. On the other hand, introduce a number of restrictions that, for example, make it difficult to vote remotely.

Republicans claim that the new rules provide better protection against fraud and deception. They also noted that unexpectedly many were able to vote early in the primaries.

Yenka Padmus, Elector of Duluth.

Yenka Padmus, Elector of Duluth.

Photo: Karen Erickson

In the midterm elections in November, the parties’ candidates will face each other.

– It is important to vote precisely because we see that there are attempts underway to restrict the right to vote. We are not an equal society unless everyone has the opportunity to vote, says Yenka Padmus, who visits the polling station in Duluth with her husband and children.

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