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Germany: AFD employees are suspected of spying for China

Germany: AFD employees are suspected of spying for China

The assistant was arrested in Dresden on Tuesday night. He is accused of passing information about the European Parliament to the Chinese intelligence service, according to consistent reports in German media. The man is also said to have spied on Chinese dissidents in exile.

The suspect has been working for MEP Maximilian Krah since 2019. He is a German citizen with roots in China.

arm, A representative of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, AFD, described the accusations as very serious. He claims to know no more about the situation than the German press does.

He added: “If these allegations are proven true, this will lead to immediate termination of service.” he is writing On platform X.

Photo: Jean-François Badias/AFP

Krah's aide was arrested less than a week after it was revealed that the US FBI was interrogating the politician about his contacts with Russia. The interrogation must have taken place against the backdrop of a trip to the United States at the end of last year. The reason is that the FBI discovered that Krah received a message about a money transfer from a pro-Russian activist. The politician states that he did not read the letter and did not receive any money.

German Member of the European Parliament, Thierry Reinecke, De Gruna, who represents the Environment Party, wants to see a joint investigation into Krah's contacts with both Russia and China.

We see that authoritarian regimes are trying to use the European Parliament to influence the decision-making process – and perhaps also the European Union elections. Therefore, we want to integrate these investigations, especially when it comes to the person Maximilian Krah, she told DN and other media in Strasbourg on Tuesday morning.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry denies the spying allegations.

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