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Giant magnetic tunnel around our solar system

Giant magnetic tunnel around our solar system

The scientist suggested that the entire solar system is surrounded by a huge magnetic tunnel.

Giant magnetic tunnel around our solar system

The bold suggestion was that The entire solar system is surrounded by a magnetic tunnel, unites two structures in the sky, it was believed until then Not connected.

The model created by scientists from University of Toronto focus on Two major points in the sky: the North Polar Spur and the Van . regionknown since then the sixties. A team led by an astronomer Dr. Jennifer West It is suggested that this The seemingly disconnected structures may actually be part of the enormous, tunnel-like magnetic field surrounding the Solar System, including our planet..

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If we looked up at the sky, we would see this tunnel-like structure in almost every direction we saw it – that is, if we had eyes that could see radio light.

West Building a computer model using radio simulation an offer , What does heaven look like from earth?. Taking advantage of this, she can defend the connection of the two structures to each other looks like a rope magnetic fibres.

The team plans to complete more complex models in the future — hoping to discover and Understand the role of magnetic tunnels in the galaxy.

Magnetic fields do not exist in isolation. They all need to communicate with each other, so the next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field relates to both the large-scale galactic magnetic field and the smaller magnetic fields of our Sun and Earth.

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