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GKS Katowice is the best in Jastrzębie. JKH played in double

Photography by Andrzej Klocek

The first part of the match was undoubtedly one of the sport’s best thirds of the season at Gastor. Both teams traded blows, resulting in up to five goals scored, including at least one world goal. Vitalis Pavlovs started the shot in the second minute, but Gerzigors Pasiot quickly responded to this kick with a good shot from distance. In the seventh minute, Eagles Calnes and Roman Rak did a great job, effectively hitting the leader’s defense and regaining the lead for the hosts. Unfortunately, Katowice again managed to equalize, this time after Matthews Peppers put the puck, when only Johnny Monto had to complete the procedures. In the end, the hawkers had to fight for weakness for the first time that day, and unfortunately, five seconds before the siren, Maciej Kruczek found the way to Patrik Nechvatal.

Coach Robert Calabre decided to send Michai Keeler to fight for the second game. Unfortunately, this part of the game had to be added to the account of the guests who put the disc back into the grid three times. Although Jastrzębiec’s players did not take advantage of the two big counterattack opportunities during the match in weakness, Grzegorz Pasiut, along with Jakub Wanacki, showed the hosts how to take advantage of their opponents’ mistakes. Our team was able to quickly restore contact thanks to the gentle action of the Latvian guard, but the joy of this fact lasted only nineteen seconds, after which Bartosz Frazko scored the fifth goal for Katowice. The result of the second stage was decided in the 39th minute by Mateusz Michalski, again using the errors of our defensive line.

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In the third installment, both teams clearly slowed down the pace of the match, as a result of which it was happening on the surface much less than in previous periods. However, there were also goals here. Firstly, Grzegorz Pasiut proved again that day how much he means to the captain’s team, and in the 59th minute, JKH GKS Jastrzębie’s defeat was reduced by Dominik Jarosz, dropping the disc after one of his teammates was injured from under the blue. In the end, the hosts tried to score the fifth goal, but John Murray did not give up.

The defeat means that Robert Calabre’s men will remain outside the top four for the time being. On Tuesday, we’ll have a long trip to Toruń, and on Friday, we’ll take the runner-up from Oświęcim to hit the queue.

November 21, 2021, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, 5:00 p.m.
JKH GKS Jastrzębie – GKS Katowice 4:7 (2:3, 1:3, 1:1)
1:0 Pavlov (Kasperlik, Mt.) 1:23
1:1 Pasiot (Frashco, Jakimenko) 03:24
2:1 Jabal (Rak) 06:40
2: 2 monto (peepers, procorat) 11:19
2:3 Kruczek (Wronka, Fraszko) 19:55, 5/4
2:4 Wanke 34:19, 4/5
3:4 A. Sevcenko (Razgals, E. Sevcenko) 34:42, 5/4
3:5 Fraszko (Jakimienko, Valtola) 35:01
3: 6 Michalsky (Frasco, Valtola) 38:00
3:7 Pasiot (Wronka) 49:06
4: 7 Yarosz (E. Sevsenko, Matusik) 58:35

JKH GKS Jastrzebie: Nechvatal (from 20:01 Kieler) – Kamienieu, E. Sevcenko, Urbanowicz, Jarosz, Pelaczyk – Górny, Matusik, Kasperlik, Rac, Kalns – Kostek, Horzelski, A. Sevcenko, Pavlovs, Razgals – Gimiński, R. Bashirovich .

shots: 36 – 39 / Penalties: 10 minutes – 8 minutes / Viewers: 600
They judged: Mateusz Nichnik, Patrick Perska (leads) and Jacques Zota, Grzegorz Kodek (the Snatchers).

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