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GoDaddy updates its email marketing tool to help small business owners

Geekzillos, GoDaddy’s online tools that help small business owners reach their audiences more effectively, such as the recently announced email marketing tool that has been updated to be simpler and more engaging.

Godaddy Email Marketing

GoDaddy Inc., the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs; Announcing an updated Websites + Marketing email marketing tool to help small business owners reach their audiences more effectively with personalized email campaigns. With this said, email campaigns include more simplicity in creating the segmentation; As well as shipping and tracking Email messages. All of this is designed with the purpose of improving expertise in managing this effective marketing resource for small businesses.

GoDaddy’s Web Pages + Marketing

Now users GoDaddy’s Web Pages + Marketing They can create professional quality email marketing campaigns in less time and highlight words and images using the editable templates available on the platform as a guide. In addition, they have the opportunity to provide personalized messages with attributes such as the name and location of each customer; To help build a closer relationship between the brand and consumers.

The Websites + Marketing dashboard designed for evaluating the impact of email marketing campaigns has also been simplified. Clear campaign management and tracking tools provide more visible information on the dashboard; Allowing you to see what works and what can be changed, in order to unleash the full potential of email marketing.

Email Marketing

“Email marketing is a powerful tool that entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to stay close to and enrich their relationship with their customers. Although this may seem like a daunting task for many small and medium businesses, the right online partners can help facilitate That’s why at GoDaddy we make email marketing easy to understand, highly personal, and effective. At GoDaddy, we are committed to providing powerful, comprehensive digital tools that enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses and compete in the marketplace.”

Rodrigo Perez, Marketing Director of GoDaddy Mexico.

Feel free to use all a toolthat GoDaddy gives us to grow your business.

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