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Google Chrome: The address bar turns into the command line and the material you design – so you can test both


Chrome 91 has just been launched, which has brought a lot of innovation to the browser, but of course it doesn’t stop there. In the current versions of the browser, there are references to other innovations that can actually be tried: in the future, the address bar will become more of a command line and in the Android version the material you already design can be activated.

Chrome Swoosh Logo

Address bar with actions

The address bar in Google Chrome has many functions since the browser was launched more than ten years ago and it is still being expanded. In addition to URLs and search queries, you can also enter simple tasks (“actions”) that you want to perform directly in relation to Chrome. For example, browser setting options can be called directly from this bar.

Google Chrome address bar

It remains to be seen how long it will take the whole thing. I can very well imagine that part of the setup is to bring the Google Assistant to my desktop via the Chrome browser someday. Since the URLs are pushed into the background, it is of course a good idea to offer additional functionality there. If you want to try it now, you can do so at Chrome: // flags About the two points # Pedals – Multi Square 2 And the # Omnibox-pedals-default-icon-colored To do.

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chrome für android material you

As is well known, design is lively and can sometimes turn in circles: I felt round corners were an absolute must a few years ago, and shortly after that they frowned upon them and now they’re celebrating a comeback – also with Material You-Design from Google this is likely to show In the Chrome browser for Android, as its latest version contains the first application of this design and thus provides the browser menu with rounded corners.

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In principle, it looks fanciful and is definitely a matter of habit, but in my opinion it does not match the rest of the browser. The approximation is very clear and not only hinted at, which can have a nice effect. But don’t forget that this is the first application still in testing and should continue without more round and possibly colorful elements.

If you want to try it now, then you need the new version Chrome 91, It should be at the bottom of the inside page Chrome: // flags Access # Theme-refactor-android Activate the browser and then restart it twice.

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