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Scientists were able to capture an atom with high accuracy

Scientists from Cornell University in New York, USA, were able to capture an image of a small atom in high resolution At a magnification of 100 million with respect to human vision. This is the clearest image of this type yet and can change the format Physics.

This image goes beyond the previous photo taken by this same university, in which a tiny trapped atom can be seen. But this time Its ability to magnify has gone much further and given us an image in which these particles can be seen in a more realistic way.

According to them, this has twice the magnification than their previous image, which too Starting a scientific process that could completely change the field of physicsBecause thanks to this it will be much easier to understand the position of the atoms with respect to matter in the observations made, as well as in the verification of current theoretical models.

This is what the electrons look like, magnified 100 million times Source: Cornell University

David Mueller, who is responsible for this investigation, explained that this is a photo It is the result of studies that have sought to achieve the ultimate degree of image recognition for the atomic world:

“He arrived at a system that would actually be the maximum solution. We can now basically figure out where the atoms are in a very easy way. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for measuring things that we have wanted to do for a long time.”

To achieve this image an electron microscope was used. These work by firing electrons toward the material being analyzed, so that the computer system later reconstructs the image with the interactions these generate.

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To this microscope, the researchers added a “locator”, which is nothing more than a super image reconstruction matrix, which generates three-dimensional images derived from the same interaction of electrons, through which the nature and location of the atoms can be understood. In the matter that was analyzed.


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