Google has released Photos of Pets, a feature that allows you to find the likeness of a pet in artwork. One click is all it takes to start searching for a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, bird or horse. How exactly does the new feature work?

Google Pet Pictures

To use pet photos, you must open them Google Arts & Culture App On your Android or iOS smartphone, then tap the Rainbow Camera button at the bottom of the screen. Of course, our pet must be in the frame.

Google’s computer vision algorithm will recognize where our pet is and crop the image correctly. Then machine learning The photo will match one of tens of thousands of artworks that look like our pet. Even though he is just a bunny, Gray is already pursuing his passion. He rarely responds to “Gray” and is officially considering changing his name to “Come Eat”. Perhaps for this reason, in the application, it was combined with rabbits preparing to receive the autumn season – This is how Google describes the middle image from the above graphic. The gray rabbit sitting on the rug was a match with a piece of art from the Rijksmuseum.

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Google encourages you to share your pet’s photos on the web by adding a hashtag # photos. You can share a single image or select multiple images to create a GIF animation.

Source: Google Poland

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