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Google will invest in Latin America

Google will invest in Latin America

Los Angeles, United States /

Google, hto tech giant Will invest 1.2 billion dollars in Latin america, To support the economic development of the region through digital transformation, as explained in an exclusive interview with EFE CEO of the entity, Sundar Pichai in the frame Ninth Summit of the Americas Which is celebrated these days in Los Angeles.

“We have in Latin america Since 2005 and we always consider it one of the most important areas for us. (…) But we have also seen how the region has been disproportionately affected by the epidemic with a quarter of the deaths worldwide. We know there is a lot to be done, and the potential of the area is enormous,” emphasizing Pichai.

“We see a lot of countries that are able, which we call ‘digital speed’, which by actively investing in the digital economy can drive growth. They know we have succeeded in highlighting this problem in other parts of the world, and they should focus from the sector private and from governments on people, infrastructure, technology and policies – as stated in the report -. This is what leads to digital transformation.”

Pichai He also highlighted the commissioning of the Firmina marine communication cable to be connected North America with South America through Atlantic And they hope to start working by next year.

“When we do very high-level infrastructure projects, we really focus on the areas in which we do it. So, Firmina, along with the areas in which we have google cloud, in Santiago de Chile and in Sao Paulo, in BrazilAll of this forms the backbone of a thriving digital economy.”

This $1.2 billion, which will be invested over the next five years, will focus its activism on strengthening infrastructure, developing technology talent, entrepreneurship ecosystems and strengthening the most vulnerable communities.

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Part of the stated commitment will be to increase the engineering team in Brazilfocusing on core areas such as privacy and security, as well as creating and developing better products for the region and the world.

Another large amount will go to training in digital skills, as one million scholarships will be awarded to promote good employment through the “Grow with Google” program, through which the company has trained nearly 8 million people since 2017.