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Government supports changes in ARMA law

Government supports changes in ARMA law

On Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved a bill amending the Agriculture Restructuring and Modernization Agency Law. The proposed regulations will allow the creation of a company that will support ARMA in the IT field, CIR has reported.

The project provides provisions to improve the performance of the Agency for Agricultural Restructuring and Modernization (ARMiR). It goes, among others, solutions related to replacing an employee during his excused absence from work or shortening the agency’s understaffing renewal process.

The proposed regulations will make it possible to create a specialized entity serving the Agency in the field of information technology. It will not only handle the development and maintenance of the systems built by ARMA to date, but also gradually produce the necessary software to meet the agency’s needs and take over the development and maintenance of the systems built by external suppliers.

The procedure for recovery of receivables from the Agricultural Restructuring and Debt Relief Fund (FRiOR), i.e. recovery of receivables from FRiOR will be regulated at the request of the principal debtor or his legal successor. In order to benefit from this solution, a person must have the established right to a pension or disability pension under the provisions of the farmers’ social insurance or the right to an old-age or disability pension from the social insurance fund, and should not be. Not that he lives in it.

There will also be a possibility to cancel claims from FRiOR, at the request of the principal debtor or his legal successor, if the only claim is an interest obligation. At the same time, it was pointed out that the proposed support, in relation to entities operating an agricultural activity, constitutes minimal assistance in agriculture and can only be granted once.

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Provisions will be introduced to enable cancellation of entitlements from the SAPARD program prior to joining.

The draft also provides for the extension of the list of positions in the agency’s structure, which are filled by appointment to the position of advisor to the head of the agency.

The new solutions will enter into force 7 days after they are published in the Laws Journal, with the exception of one clause that will enter into force on a different date.

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