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Gran Turismo 7 Devs Apologize for Promised Routine Repairs and 1 Million Free Credits

Grand Tourer 7 The developer is Polyphony Digital We apologize for the recent changes to the game economy It promises improvements, along with a million free credits. These changes come after a major game outage last week, which was the result of an update that also made changes to how players earn credits through gameplay rather than microtransactions.

at Posted on PlayStation BlogPolyphony chief Kazunori Yamauchi has apologized for the “frustration and confusion over the past week with patch updates that resulted in not only server outages, but also adjustments to the game’s economy.” Without a clear explanation for our society. As a “goodwill gesture,” the company promises to give players an “unpaid 1 million credit package” of credit.

The post states that users should see credits in their accounts “soon” and that they will only be given to people who own the game before the post goes live. Although it looks like I haven’t received my offer yet, the deadline to sign in and receive them is a long way off: Polyphony says the offer is good until April 25th.

The post explains that the changes to the game’s economy have been made in order to “offer more accurate rewards based on time investment and completion,” something Yamauchi previously mentioned when talking about the outage. At the time, he said he couldn’t explain the upcoming changes in detail, but Friday’s post appears to be that explanation.

The post describes a patch slated for release in early April that aims to “reset the reward system with more balance throughout the match to benefit all players.” After the update, players should note:

  • Almost double the rewards for ‘events of the second half of the global arena’
  • “High Rewards” for getting all the gold and bronze in the Arena experience
  • Increased rewards for online races.
  • Eight new one-hour drag races in missions, which will have “higher reward settings”
  • An upper limit on the number of unpaid credits users can have, up to 100 million out of 20 million
  • More used and legendary cars are sold at once
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