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‘graveyard’ pages of amazon falling globally; Delta Airlines and Disney+, among those affected – El Financiero

service network amazon cloud The company suffered a major outage Tuesday, which blocked access to many popular websites. Remote computing is used by a variety of governments, universities, and businesses.

About five hours after many companies and other organizations started reporting problems with it Amazon Web ServicesIn a post on the AWS Status page, the company stated that it has “softened” the Problem Mainly responsible for the outage. Soon after, he stated that “many services have already recovered,” but noted that they were still working to fully restore other services.

The problem primarily affected Amazon’s web services in the Eastern Province United State, pointed out. Doug Madhuri, director of internet analytics at online intelligence firm Kentik, said the problems started in the middle of the morning on the country’s east coast, affecting Amazon’s e-commerce operations.

In a statement, Amazon spokesperson Richard Rocha confirmed that Amazon warehouse operations and deliveries have also encountered issues as a result boycott in the AWS service. Rocha added that the company is “working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

Customers who tried to book or change flights with them Delta Airlines They had trouble communicating with the airline. “Delta is working quickly to re-establish phone lines operated by AWS,” said company spokesperson Morgan Durant. The airline apologized and asked customers to make better use of the website or mobile application.

for this part, Southwest Airlines It said it switched to West Coast servers after some airport systems were affected by the outage. Customers continued to report issues at DownDetector, a popular clearinghouse for user outages, more than three hours after they started. Southwest spokesman Brian Parrish said there were no major disruptions to flights.

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according to DownDetectorPeople who have tried using Instacart, Venmo, Kindle, Roku, and Disney+ have reported problems. The McDonald’s app It didn’t work either. But US airlines, United, Alaska and JetBlue were not affected. Kentik saw a 26% drop in traffic to Netflix, which was among the top web services affected by the flaw.

At the moment, it is not known how or whether the disruption affected the US federal government.

Infrastructure Security Agency and Cyber ​​security of the United States It said in an email sent in response to questions that it was working with Amazon “to understand any potential impact this outage might have on federal agencies or other partners.”