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Great Concern About King Charles’ Coronation Plans

Great Concern About King Charles’ Coronation Plans

When Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953, more than 8,000 dignitaries were crammed into Westminster Abbey. This was the first ever televised coronation and millions of viewers around the world watched the Queen ride around in a golden chariot, presented with gold bars and wearing the coronation robe – in short: a day of pomp and queen.

When it was King Charles’ turn to take up the mantle, the ceremony was expected to be a quieter one. According to information in the British press, the king wants it just like that. The guest list is expected to be reduced by 6,000 people compared to the Queen’s, and the party will last one hour instead of four.

No coronation mantle or gold bullion

The coronation is expected to take place in June of next year, although no date has yet been set, and his plans are called Operation Golden Globes. Despite the name, the offering of gold to the king is expected to fail.

– It’s not working, people are going through tough times financially. It doesn’t work out, says a source familiar with the plans daily Mail.

The traditional coronation robe is also absent.

– No, no, put them in a museum where they belong here. Of course, you will not be allowed to wear a tweed jacket and jeans. But Col. Anthony Mather, who is responsible for parts of the plans, says it will be a wetsuit.

Even the velvet chairs that were used in 1953 will be replaced by regular chairs. But the golden bucket can be included.

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The frugal event raises some concern. Historians believe that the British people might be driven out for the chance to be seen internationally.

Coronation happens once in a lifetime. Historian Andrew Roberts tells the Daily Mail: If it happened in a sign of stinginess, it would backfire.

Here, King Charles has a spree – on a pen

Roar after worry ink.

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