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Great MMA Prime Show Transfer!  They got a star straight from Netflix

Great MMA Prime Show Transfer! They got a star straight from Netflix

Prime Show MMA 2 Gala: The universe never ceases to amaze. Organizers have announced another name for the July Fight Card. This time it is a direct transfer from the Netflix song, more specifically in the octagon we will see the bodyguard of “Oszust z Tinder” – Piotr Kaluski.

Artur Babic

Tinder Cheater's Bodyguard

Instagram / Bodyguard Cheater by Tinder

First, Serigne Ousmane Dia, the famous “Bombardier” (more here). Later, the famous leftist activist Zhao Kabila (more here). Now, however, it has been announced that Piotr Kaluski, the world-famous security guard from “Oszusta z Tinder”, has come to organize the Prime Show MMA. All this means is that Prime Show MMA 2: Cosmos gala in July starts to look even more impressive.

The latest addition to the Prime Show MMA is a big surprise. Piotr Kaluski is famous all over the world for his association with “The Tinder Cheater”.

The documentary about the most controversial dating app user was one of the most watched in Netflix history. Suffice it to say that it was in the top 10 in 92 countries around the world. During its weekend premiere, it gathered 50 million viewers, and the current production result is over 160 million views.

Piotr Kaluski will get his chance to debut in the Octagon on July 9 at Arena Gdynia. This is when the Prime Show MMA 2: Space gala will take place. At the moment, it is not known who the “Tinder Cheater” bodyguard competitor will be.

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