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GTA 6 coming soon?  There are many clues to this - the PC world

GTA 6 coming soon? There are many clues to this – the PC world

Remember how the GTA V logo appeared on the Rockstar website 11 years ago? We are currently seeing a similar scenario.

We are currently dealing with a very interesting situation. After entering the RockstarGames website, we see nothing but a black background. It turns out that this is not a mistake, but a deliberate act.

What could this mean? Well, there are many things and it is not said that we will have a presentation in a few hours or days GTA VI. However, there are many indications of this. Suffice it to go back to October 2011, when a similar situation occurred.

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The exact location of October 25, 2011 rock games It has been changed to a black panel, where nothing is visible, there is no menu and other components of the site. After some time, he appeared there gta v . logo, which is the first official presentation of the game. Will the creators do the same in this case? Unfortunately, we don’t know this and we have to be patient and wait for the developer’s next steps.

I remember that rock star has officially commented on GTA VI On the occasion of the announcement of the next version of the fifth version of the game in February of this year. We can then read:

We know that thanks to the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, many of you have asked us about the new Grand Theft Auto game. With each new project, our goal is to always go above and beyond – and we’re happy to confirm that active work on the next Grand Theft Auto series is well underway. We look forward to sharing more information as soon as we are ready.

What is more, Jason Schreyer He said he wouldn’t be surprised when this year’s GTA VI is announced with a “fake release date 2023” that will be pushed back at a later time.

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At this point we have to wait for the situation to develop and hopefully soon learn more about the next version of the game, because Improvements and recovery slowly get boring.