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Halo Infinite: 343 Industries invites you to try the co-op campaign

Halo Infinite: 343 Industries invites you to try the co-op campaign

Photo: Microsoft

Over half a year after the release of Halo Infinite (beta), developer 343 Industries has invited interested Halo Insiders to play the entire co-op campaign with up to three friends as part of the beta testing phase. Game progress in co-op can also be transferred to single player.

Registered Halo Insiders can participate in the beta

The beta testing phase is set to begin on July 11, 2022 – at least for all players who have already purchased the Halo Infinite campaign or have a Game Pass and are interested in Hello Insider has been registered. Ten days later, the beta is set to end on July 21. Halo Infinite and its campaign are available as a standalone title for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S respectively.

For Xbox players, the Xbox Insider app is required and players must sign up for Co-op Flight there once the beta is available. A key will be made available to players on Steam via the Halo Insider platform. Redeeming the key gives players access to download the trial version. Those interested in Steam are advised to register before the 5th of July, otherwise there is no guarantee that they will be accepted into the beta.

Cooperative save can be transferred to single player

As a beta tester of a sci-fi shooter campaign, please note that the game’s progress from the beta testing phase cannot be carried over to the campaign game mode, which will be released separately from the multiplayer game in August. However, within the beta test, it is possible to take the co-op score won with friends in single player mode as well. It is also possible to redo tasks that have already been completed.

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The campaign can be played with up to three friends; However, when it comes to the result of the group, the host does not decide from which campaign mission to continue, but the game defines the game world to the lowest common denominator in terms of game progress. This is to make sure that players don’t test a task in the wrong order. However, this system is likely to be annoying for those players who are in the story more than the rest of the group – for them this means that they have to play the same missions again. Each player plays the role of a Master Chief clone and can wear their own clothes, and each player must collect their own loot.