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He questioned the vice president of the European Parliament about corruption – which was stopped by the S.

He questioned the vice president of the European Parliament about corruption – which was stopped by the S.

Belgian police raided more than 15 locations around Brussels on Friday. During the raids, 600,000 euros in cash, mobile phones and computers were confiscated.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office says the investigation has links to a Gulf state, without elaborating.

According to newspaper information Evening It’s about Qatar. Over a period of four months, police are said to have investigated suspicions that Qatar had attempted to bribe decision-makers so that they would make decisions in the country’s interest.

Parliamentary colleague: Positive for Qatar

The authorities have not released the names of those arrested either, but according to Le Soir’s sources, they are four men from Italy – the aforementioned trade union leader as well as a former member of the European Parliament, an NGO director and a political aide. With a personal connection to Eva Kylie.

Eva Kylie wrote that she was taken in for questioning after her home was searched euronews. It is not clear if she is also being held. Late Friday evening, her caucus announced S&D It has been discontinued with immediate effect

German Member of Parliament Anna Cavazini signs Twitter The information is shocking and must be investigated.

“I heard her very pro-Qatar speech in plenary and was very surprised,” Cavazini writes.

The head of the World Federation suspected

Allegedly arrested trade unionist Luca Visentini was recently elected general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). ETOC, the largest trade union in the world, represents nearly 200 million workers and white-collar workers in 168 countries and is therefore an important lobbying organisation.

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Visentini took over in November of this year. Prior to that, he was Secretary General of the European Trade Union Confederation ETUC, which represents 45 million members in 93 trade unions in 41 European countries.

It is appalling and of course damaging to the international trade union movement both in Europe and the world if there is any truth to it. We don’t know that at all, so we can do nothing but wait for this investigation, Oskar Ernerot, head of the Swedish LO International Unit, tells TT.