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Israel and Lebanon enter into a “historic” agreement

Israel and Lebanon enter into a “historic” agreement

The US-brokered agreement is expected to serve as a green light for further gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, in a situation where many countries want to make themselves less dependent on Russian energy resources.

The papers will be signed on Thursday. US President Joe Biden described it as a “historic breakthrough”.

Israeli President Yair Lapid, who is in the middle of the last race before Tuesday’s Israeli elections, describes it as Lebanon, with the agreement, now officially recognizing Israel.

– Every day an enemy state does not recognize the State of Israel, in a written agreement, before the entire international community, he says, regarding his government giving the green light to the agreement.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced that the agreement does not mean any change in Lebanon’s position.

– Drawing the southern border into the sea is a technical act that has no political consequences or impact that contradicts Lebanon’s foreign policy, he says.

The settlement draws a line with coordinates in a marine area of ​​860 square kilometres. For Lebanon, gas extraction may be a way out of the deep economic crisis in which the country finds itself.

The agreement will not be concluded through any handshakes or meetings. The parties will not even sign the same paper, which means that delegations from each country meet with the US mediator on different occasions to deliver a copy.