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He took over the management of Frontex – after criticizing the head of Alting

He took over the management of Frontex – after criticizing the head of Alting

In an extraordinary meeting in December, the board of directors of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex, met to appoint a new CEO.

The choice fell on Hans Leijtens, who was formerly, among other things, director general of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and commander of the Koninklijke Marechaussee, one of the four defense branches within the country’s armed forces. He takes office on March 1.

Johansson: “It’s been a tough time”

Migration Commissioner Ylva Johansson presented Legtens’ case at a press conference on Thursday last week.

– We have lived through difficult times at Frontex. We have high expectations from Frontex,” Johansson said at the time Gates of Europe.

Leijtens promised more transparent authority.

Transparency is the basis of everything. We have to say and show what we do. We will be very open and transparent in how we work and collaborate. There would be nothing to hide, Legtens said.

He resigned after widespread criticism

Fabrice Leggeri left the post at the end of April last year after widespread criticism. The agency was then criticized for sending back migrants who had crossed the Mediterranean into the European Union illegally.

– I am responsible for my employees not participating in any refunds. It’s pretty obvious, Hans Lijtenz said during Thursday’s press conference.

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