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Police warn: beware of half ears

Dale Poppleton, 41, from Bradford, is wanted by West Yorkshire Police in connection with a suspected serious offence.

Despite extensive efforts, Poppleton could not be located.

“deliberately avoids us”writing for the police in West Yorkshire.

Therefore, the police posted a photo of Poppleton imploring the public to call if they had information about his whereabouts.

Poppleton is described as a 185 cm tall white man, but another part of the description stands out.

“It is easy to identify him because he has lost half of his ear on the right side.”writing for the police in West Yorkshire.

“Take Poppleton in your ear”

Many joked in the comments section that Poppleton lost half of his ear.

Someone is suggesting that police search the home of former boxing champion Mike Tyson, who cut off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a 1997 fight.

“People will listen to this call.”writes another.

A third urged the police to “take the poppleton by the ear” upon arrest.

Poppleton was sentenced in 2020 to three years and nine months in prison for burglary. This was the twentieth time he had been convicted of a crime.

The public has been warned not to approach Poppleton.

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