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He was doing repairs and hundreds of human teeth fell out on him

Mexico City- A user of a Facebook group dedicated to the state of New Hampshire (USA) shared a post on February 7 in which they told how they found hundreds of teeth in a store built in the 1960s during a recent repair. .

While a worker was dismantling the display case and roof, suddenly five human teeth fell on him.

The man, terrified, took them and showed them to his employer and the other people present. Then, as he was continuing his work and removing some of the surface, hundreds of teeth fell out on him.

Apparently, in the 1950s, there was a dentist’s office on the second floor of what is now the store, and several customers’ teeth had fallen through a hole in the floor when they were sweeping after dental sessions.

Byron Carr, the author of the publication, noted that one of these teeth could have been his, as he had visited the office during his childhood. At the time, a dentist – who according to his memories appears to be the twin brother of film director Alfred Hitchcock – removed one of his teeth.

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