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Heavy mechanical shears fell on the stock exchange – posing a new danger  the world

Heavy mechanical shears fell on the stock exchange – posing a new danger the world

Photo: Henrik Hildebrandt/Stella Pictures/DDP IMAGES DDP

All cutting work in the rubble is halted until they can remove the shears, Operations Commander Tim Ole Simonsen reported at Hovedstadens Beredskab.

– The scissors are stuck between the building and the scaffold. “It is another unstable situation that we have to deal with,” he said in a press conference.

According to Simonsen, the machine's scissors weigh several tons, and there is a risk of them falling further. Therefore, no crew may work near it. An attempt will be made to hook the strings around the scissors and pull them up.

The scissors sat on one of the large machines that cut the scaffolding on top of the building.

Strong winds that can catch scaffolding make the work more difficult.

Great breed risk

The risk of more parts of the historic Børsen building destroyed by fire is high. Live images from Friday morning show a building in complete collapse. Smoke is still thick, and cranes and rescue services are on high alert everywhere.

The top priority now is trying to save the part of the building that did not burn. It's a difficult task. A number of specialists were called in and they proceeded cautiously so as not to damage untouched parts of the building.

“We want everything in the world to avoid this,” says Tim Ole Simonsen.

More than half of it was destroyed

About 45 percent of the stock exchange is still there after the fire, said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S), who visited the area on Friday.

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The fire started in the important historical building dating back to the 17th century on Tuesday morning in the part where renovation work was taking place. The path of the fire became violent, and the shocked residents of Copenhagen had to watch the famous tower instantly fall to the ground.

Important artistic and cultural values ​​​​evaporated, but some of them were saved thanks to passers-by who ran during the fire and recovered many paintings.

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