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Trump’s closest circle reinforces fraud allegations

During Monday’s questioning about Donald Trump’s role in the historic storming of Congress in 2021, several of Trump’s closest confidants testified, detailing a president who refused to listen to the obvious after the election and who “lost contact with reality,” according to Trump. Special Prosecutor. William Barr.

Trump’s closest staff painted a public portrait of a fact-resistant president who refused to accept the plain truth that he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden by a clear margin.

November 23, 2020, two Weeks after Trump was declared the loser in the presidential election, his closest advisers gathered to conduct some sort of intervention in a crisis in the White House. The meeting was attended by Trump’s Attorney General William Barr, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. The three tried to persuade Trump to drop the baseless accusations that he lost the election because of fraud.

Barr dismissed Trump’s argument as “nonsense.”

– I told him that what his crew was shoveling of people was nonsense. The accusations of electoral fraud were nonsense.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and unofficial legal advisor to Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and unofficial legal advisor to Donald Trump.

Photo: Robert Bumsted/AP

Trump still chooses to just listen About Rudy Giuliani, his unofficial legal adviser, who insists that Trump is the real winner of the election. However, according to Liz Cheney’s testimony on Monday, Giuliani was drunk when he said so.

The testimony reinforces accusations that Trump may have been guilty of fraud after losing the election. Time and time again, the assembled legal and political experts told him that he definitely lost the election. Nevertheless, he continued to send messages to millions of his supporters to donate money to continue the fight to reverse the election result. About $250 million – two and a half billion kronor – was withdrawn from Trump supporters in the weeks after the election, even though the campaign was unprofitable.

Trump’s own campaign manager Bill During questioning, Stebbin described himself as part of the “ordinary team,” the regular team, that tried to beat Donald Trump with the truth, while a small group of loyalists led by Rudy Giuliani insisted that Trump pursue legal challenges to the election result. .

Some anecdotes emerged during interrogation as comic portraits of a powerful president who seemed unable to accept the truth.

But details revealed during last week’s interrogation also mention how incredibly close the real breakdown was to American democracy in January 2021. Trump’s campaign for election fraud was unfounded, but they still had hundreds of thousands of supporters to send him money Thousands risked long prison terms when they stormed Congress.

It’s a clear warning sign for future elections, with Trump remaining the favorite to win the Republican nomination to run for the White House again.

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