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Homework for “green” gas and nuclear energy

Homework for “green” gas and nuclear energy

After many trials and tribulations, last winter the Commission expressed admiration for being able to classify investments in nuclear and gas as sustainable, at least in some cases.

But the European Parliament does not agree – at least not when the committees on the environment (Envi) and the economy (Econ) are allowed to rule. In a unanimous vote at lunchtime today, 76 members voted in favor of the committee’s proposal, to 62 in favour. 4 members abstained from voting.

This opens the way for the entire proposal to be rejected when the rest of the European Parliament takes a decisive vote in early June.

satisfied and disappointed

– I’m very happy and proud. There is nothing sustainable about fossil gas. This is a very important step for the green transition, says Swedish member Emma Wisner (centre) after the vote.

Colleague Karen Carlsbrough (left) is even more disappointed.

I am disappointed, but above all worried. I think it is very important to include nuclear power as part of the solution, for both the climate crisis and the energy security crisis that Europe is experiencing, says Carlsbrough.


Among the EU member states, there was at least previously a fairly strong majority in favor of the classification proposal. In particular, nuclear energy has support in France and several countries in the eastern parts of the European Union.

However, if the entire European Parliament refuses, it does not matter what the member states say. The Commission’s proposal must be approved by both Parliament and Member States for it to become a reality.

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If there is a refusal, the commission will have to rethink — and possibly share — nuclear and natural gas.

– How exactly they thought from the very beginning to assemble it, you can think of. Obviously, this is about strategy. But if that doesn’t work, it’s entirely possible that they will try to share it, says Bar Holmgren (Parliament) after today’s vote.