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Historic Martha Stewart – Oldest Tribute Model Hardcover |  pleasure

Historic Martha Stewart – Oldest Tribute Model Hardcover | pleasure

Sports Illustrated and their swimsuit issue are known around the world.

Now 81-year-old Martha Stewart will appear alongside Megan Fox, 37, Brooks Nader, 27, and Kim Petras, 30. Magazine cover of the year 2023.

“I don’t think much about my age, but I still think it’s a bit historical and that I have to look really good,” says Martha Stewart according to Watchman.

Stewart became famous in the early 80’s through countless cookbooks. Over the years, she has been seen extensively on American television with various cooking and interior design shows.

She also managed to launch her own lifestyle magazine and her own line of clothing.

“be a challenge”

In an interview with the TV show today The TV personality says she loves the cover of Sports Illustrated, but it was very unusual when she was photographed in nine different bathing suits in front of so many people.

– It was a request I had never received before. And being on the cover at my age was a challenge. But I think I succeeded in the challenge, she says.

Sports Illustrated releases a so-called swimsuit number every year. Over the years, the paper has received a lot of criticism for the poor representation of women. But in recent years, she’s embraced criticism and used a wide variety of models.

In 2021, Leyna Bloom becomes the first trans woman on the cover. It was also the first issue to be designed by a black trans woman.

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