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H&M pays for employee abortions in the USA

The Supreme Court’s decision to tear up the abortion law is pressing companies to act.

H&M is now promising to pay its employees in the United States so they can travel and perform abortions in a safe manner.

On Friday, reality changed United States of AmericaWomen. The Supreme Court has overturned the national abortion law, which means that individual states now decide whether it should be legal or illegal.

According to the AP, about half of the states are expected to have abortion bans.

join now H&M For companies that pledge to pay so that their employees can travel to states where abortion is still legal.

“Ensuring access to safe care for our colleagues is not only critical to supporting a female-led workforce, but also to our commitment to total equality in both work life and society at large,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

H&M will fund abortions in the US after Supreme Court decision to shred abortion rights.

More companies

As early as May, companies began to muster the strength to ensure reproductive care for their employees. Starbucks, Tesla, Airbnb, Microsoft, Netflix and Patagonia were at first when newspapers began reporting that the decision was expected.

The Walt Disney Company, Mita and Johnson & Johnson soon followed the same line, writes The New York Times.

This trend began last year when Texas adopted a ban on abortion after six weeks. Once the right to abortion is repealed nationally, pressure on companies to act increases, especially among those headquartered in the 13 states that have imposed or are expected to enforce abortion bans.

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“We employers can be the last line of defense,” Sarah Jackel, director of operations at Civitech, told the New York Times at the time.

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