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Fighter Pilot: We were watching the unknown every day

It all started in 2014 when Ryan Graves’ F/A-18F Super Hornet squadron of pilots returned from a combat mission and replaced the previous radar system with a new and significantly better radar system, the APG-79.

– Once we had the new radar on board, we saw those things. At first we thought there was a problem with the instruments, but after a while, we got the stuff on our infrared cameras, and were able to see the energy it radiates, says Ryan Graves.

But it will end They are noticeably difficult to see with the naked eye. Once they saw them, Ryan Graves says, they maneuvered away. Until one day when two of his classmates closely passed by an unknown object. So close that it passed between the two fighter planes. The object looked like a black cube surrounded by a transparent sphere.

Ryan Graves’ squadron, the Red Rippers, often flew along the eastern coast of the United States. Their training area began ten nautical miles from shore. Things appeared there. Already in place as if they were waiting for pilots.

– It seems they can stay in the air for as long as they want. And we saw them at all altitudes, from 10,000 meters to sea level. Sometimes they would fly completely without moving, other times they would fly vertically or horizontally. Their movements were not the same as those of our plane, they were non-mechanical, more like a moving one, almost alive.

Today, Ryan Graves is 36 years old and a retired US Navy SEAL.

Today, Ryan Graves is 36 years old and a retired US Navy SEAL.

Photo: private

Ryan Greaves says so Although the bodies moved quite differently than any pilots had seen before, they maintained a relatively low speed. Rarely more than 1000 kilometers per hour. His clear impression is that the objects were unmanned. One day, a colleague was able to photograph an object with his infrared camera. A movie that later became called a Gimble video in which the pilot is heard shouting “Look at this thing! It’s spinning!”

It was an intense workout before we deployed to the Persian Gulf and took off from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. It’s an exercise in which we flew the same way we would if it was a fight, says Ryan Greaves.

Still image from the alleged Gimble video.

Still image from the alleged Gimble video.

Photo: US Navy

– When my colleagues landed, we watched the recording and the Admiralty also came to watch it. One object moved a distance from the others and flew in a way we would never have done. If you go up that way, you should have plenty of fuel.

Concurrently with The New York Times 2017 revealed that the US military has shown an interest in the UFO phenomenon for many years, and the Gimble video became well known as well. But only a small portion of the five-minute recording was shown to the public. In addition, the Pentagon has never released its radar images. But Ryan Graves watched the entire video and radar images:

– There I could see four or five other objects flying in a loose V shape like “Boom!” Turn 180 degrees and continue flying in formation, he says.

For Ryan Graves and his colleagues, unknowns became commonplace. When I asked him how many people he had seen, he replied that it was impossible to say. At least four or five things every time it flies:

– We basically saw these things in every exercise in 2014 and into 2015 when we were sent on a mission to the Persian Gulf. But it is still visible. A former student of mine called me and told me how his classmates saw a black cube inside a transparent ball.

What do you think you met?

– I don’t think it belongs to us. China or Russia? This matter must be investigated. But if it’s something that falls into an entirely different category, we may have to start reconsidering our role in the universe.

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