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Man stabbed in Kista in Stockholm – police chase robbers

Updated on 21.51 | Posted on 20.37

A man was stabbed by masked robbers in Kista.

Another man has been threatened – possibly by the same perpetrators.

– Sirens were heard, and they appeared to have fled the scene, says police spokeswoman Rebecca Lundberg.

At around 8pm, police were alerted to a residential area in Kista, north of Stockholm.

– A person called for help, and the caller found a person injured by a sharp object, police spokeswoman Rebecca Lundberg says.

According to information from Aftonbladet newspaper, the man was stabbed. His injury was not supposed to be serious, and he had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Police say there are four to five masked perpetrators.

– While the police were standing there, another man came forward and was also the victim of an attempted robbery likely by the same people. It must have happened some distance away, says Lundberg.

According to the man who called the police, there was something scaring the thieves.

-You may have heard sirens.

Hunt down the culprits

A manhunt for the perpetrators, including a dog patrol, is now underway.

Police began knocking on doors in the area.

-It's a time when a lot of people go out.

These incidents are being investigated as attempted robbery, aggravated assault and unlawful threats.

A resident of the area told the Aftonbladet newspaper that he passed by the place and saw a very large police force and a security cordon.

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– There were a lot of police cars and a helicopter. I asked a policeman what happened, but he didn't want to tell me.

He says residents in the area have been instructed to return to their homes.

– Now the helicopter has left, from what I hear from my house.