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Obama, Biden and Trump in state battles

Obama, Biden and Trump in state battles

Trump endorses TV presenter Mehmet Oz, who is seeking a Senate seat, and Governor Doug Mastriano’s candidate, and appeared at La Trobe Airport. He avoided talking about his possible presidential candidacy, only hinting as he urged his supporters to vote for the candidates.

“Americans deserve a Congress — and a president — that protects the nation’s borders,” Trump said. Politico.

Obama and Biden have campaigned for Senate candidate Jon Fetterman and governor hopeful Josh Shapiro at Temple University in Philadelphia.

– Pennsylvania – You have the choice between politicians who are willing to say anything and do anything to get to power, and people who see you and care about you and share your values, Obama said.

Very even in the state

Pennsylvania is one of those states where it is very equal, and can decide the balance of power in the Senate. Today it’s 50/50 with the vice president’s vote.

It’s also one of the few seats where Democrats stand a good chance of snatching a seat currently held by the Republican, as Pat Toomey is retiring. Some polls have indicated that Fetterman is in the lead, but at least many suggest Oz has a slight advantage.

As for the governor, Shapiro seemed to have the most support.

A former third president, Bill Clinton, campaigned in New York.

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