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Bolsonaro supporters want a military coup – DN.SE

She stands with her six-year-old grandson in front of the fence protecting the 20-storey military headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. On the sign, it read “Armed Forces – Save Brazil.” Her grandson holds a sign that reads “SOS Armed Forces”. The Brazilian national anthem is played in the background.

– We do not accept Lula da Silva winning the elections. It was election fraud, says Tatia Viena, who previously worked in the school office in Rio de Janeiro.

Now she is retired.

The left does not respect private property. They want to introduce gender ideology into the school. I’m here to save my grandson, she says.

Tatia Vienna, 60, with her grandson.

Pictured: Henrik Brandau-Johnson

After the Social Democratic Party Lula da Silva won Sunday’s presidential election by 51 percent to Bolsonaro’s 49 percent, and right-wing nationalists blocked the country’s highways and demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Reserve Power in several parts of the country. In the state of Santa Catarina, more than a hundred neo-Nazis gathered and raised their right arms in a gesture to honor Bolsonaro.

– We were subjected to electoral fraud. Look how many of us are here. Senara Fonseca says it’s clear Bolsonaro won.

She is a 34-year-old biology teacher who brought her ten-year-old son to the demonstration. She believes that the Supreme Court and the Electoral Court are to blame because Jair Bolsonaro became the first president in the country’s history not to be re-elected.

– The Supreme Court approved the elections. Sinara Fonseca says they are coup makers, not us.

What prevents Conspiracy theorists that the elections went wrong is a right-wing Argentine politician who has streamed a YouTube show where he claims, without evidence, that electronic ballot boxes in Brazil have been tampered with. The right-wing Argentine politician is allied with Bolsonaro’s son, parliamentarian Eduardo Bolsonaro, who has previously called on the military to take power in the country. YouTube has now removed the video, causing Bolsonaro supporters to speak out about censorship.

– They are doing their best to stop us, says Cinara Fonseca.

Cinara Fonseca, 34 years old, mead sen son.

Pictured: Henrik Brandau-Johnson

Isabella Khalil, one of the most prominent Brazilian anthropologists, was not surprised by the protests.

Bolsonaro has trained his followers to behave this way. During his reign he carried out many anti-democratic actions and traveled all over the country to mobilize his electoral base, Folha tells DS Paulo.

Isabella Khalil estimates that between 5 and 15 percent of voters are radicalized and support Brazil becoming a dictatorship again. She believes that this group of voters does not raise any controversy.

– These people have been instructed not to trust the information received from the traditional media. She says they have created their own alternative channels and only trust them.

The demonstration outside the headquarters of the armed forces in Rio de Janeiro.

Pictured: Henrik Brandau-Johnson

Bolsonaro Har After several days of silence, he finally admitted defeat and said on his channels that he was angry and sad at the same time. He questioned the electoral process and called on his supporters to come out and protest. On the other hand, the Chief of Staff gave permission to prepare for the transfer of power to the government of Lula da Silva, which will be sworn in on New Year’s Day next year.

– They make up for what they found. We will stand outside the military headquarters every day until they take power, said Adriano Luis, 52, who runs a cafe in Rio de Janeiro.

He believes that Lula da Silva intends to make Brazil a communist country, but during the eight years that the leftist leader ruled the country between 2003 and 2010, communism was not introduced. Instead, Brazil became the sixth largest economy in the world. Four years into Bolsonaro’s rule, Brazil has become the world’s twelfth largest economy.

– It balances what people say. Adriano Luis says: I know that Lula is a communist.

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