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Horizon Forbidden West review: The legendary sequel

The second installment in the Guerrilla Games saga, continuing the story of Aloy that began in Horizon Zero Dawn, has met and exceeded all expectations. An address that cannot be missed.

About five years ago, guerrilla games released Horizon Zero Dawn. An open world game, far from joining the huge list of sterile additions to the genre, came to break some molds and give us a great story, with charismatic characters and a graphic level that is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the previous generation of games. keyboard.

The impact was so great that with a single payment to his account, Horizon was shown as a franchise with such interest that he was one of Sony’s pioneers when promoting Playstation 5 – despite the fact that it was also published on PS4 and PS4 Pro – via Horizon: West Announcement Forbidden.

And after several hours of taking on this new adventure with Aloy, we tell you if the hype was justified.

Horizon Forbidden West, a coherent and improved story

The game begins six months after what happened at the end of the first part of Horizon Zero Dawn.. Aloy – now the hero, icon and face of Horizon Forbidden West – knows that the danger to humanity is far from over and embarks on a journey to the Forbidden West to solve the mystery of a program created by scientist Elizabeth Sobeck. on this date, The land has been polluted by a mysterious plague that destroys fertile lands and animals. Along the way, of course, you will meet new enemies and dominant machines in this region.

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In this second installment, The story not only disappoints, but improves dramatically with a more bearable cadence and some secondary quests that fall out of the typical format. “I want you to find me such a thing” or “I need you to save my brother” adds substance to the plot.

The game can go on for as long as we want. We will find plenty of side activities with hunting grounds, fighting pits, ransom contracts, rebel camps, ancient ruins, observatories, etc. But in order not to evade the question of duration, we will say so We have at least 35 hours of main story guaranteed.


Horizon Forbidden West - Movie Trailer |  PS5, PS4

New weapons, endless options, other strengths of Horizon Forbidden West

And the forbidden West We will have a variety of weapons And while it’s true that everyone will prioritize those they feel most comfortable with, it’s very exciting to use more than one in the same fight, as well as combine them with traps.

Having more ammo than in the first game almost forced us to experiment with alternatives. Since the beginning of the game we know arrows and acid bombs that eat enemies. What is more, We have two very unique new gadgetsThe wings shield: a high-altitude powered glider; And the the hookwhich not only allows us to climb hard-to-reach places, but also gives us the ability to grab objects and attract them to us.

The skill side is much broader and more complex. We will have six trees: Warrior, Hunter, Hunter, Survivor, Hacker and Robot. negative part From this, to be so on a large scale, You should be more strategic when learning skills and choosing a game profile. Thus, we will have strengths and weaknesses that will make each task have a different complexity, depending on the skill profile we have chosen.

Horizon Forbidden West - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Rich map, moving from smallest to largest

The idea was to dedicate a section of this review to graphics, but what we have to say about this is very simple and decisive: Horizon Forbidden West is visually the most exciting game we’ve ever played. We are talking, of course, about ps5 versionwhere the level indicated in the title is the highest level reached by the current generation.

Finally, we include this comment in the Maps section because that’s where Forbidden West reveals its magic. The map is the illusion of absolute beautyis very rich in flora and also adds the possibility of diving, giving us a glimpse into the underwater world, where we will discover the fauna and resources typical of these areas.

But beware, don’t be surprised too quickly by it The best of the game comes when we’ve already averaged a good chunk of the story and delved deep into the Forbidden West. We guarantee that you will have several of those moments when you have to let go of the joystick to look at the landscape.

Horizon Forbidden West published the first images on PlayStation 4

Gameplay and Final Conclusion about Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West gave us a sequel to itSomehow, He managed to bypass his original delivery. And that’s a lot to say.Its story and gameplay improve greatly without losing the essence of Horizon Zero Dawn And they feel like a logical conclusion, a well-deserved and necessary development that elevates this franchise to legendary level.

for all this, We decided to rule out some small flaws in AI and some logical errors in such an ambitious title To give the maximum rating for the first time so far this year.

Classification of the Forbidden West Horizon: 10 ten).

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