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How do I create a QR code for a website from my iPhone? – Fire Wire

One advantage that technology gives us is the ease with which it allows us to share information. Copying and pasting the link of any website is very simple, but now with the help of Chrome, the process is much easier.

Google Browser allows users to share any web page from their browser using QR codes. These scan tapes have become so popular today that they have become one of the most used payment methods, and the same thing happens to access any information.

Surely you have noticed that the Chrome version for PC shows an icon in the address bar from the right when you enter a webpage, just touch it to generate a QR code automatically. This same functionality is available on mobile phones, although it is a bit hidden.

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Share a website from Chrome using a QR code

The first step is to go to the page you want to share with other people. When you are in it, you will click on the icon in the upper right part of the screen, so that it appears at the bottom of a list with several options.

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You will see a list of functions for the web share, but in this case you will choose the one that says “Generate QR Code”. When you press there, another screen will appear where you will see the icon element generated by Chrome.

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When you get it, you will be able to share it through any app or put it in a visible place so that anyone can scan it without problems. The advantage of QRs is that the interested person can enter without waiting for another to provide the link.