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How Europe defended its art theft in Africa – art

Already 50 years ago, Africa reclaimed art stolen by European colonial powers. Benedict Savoy explains why nothing comes in a wonderful and shameful book.

Will there be reconciliation after 100 years? In April, Minister of State for Culture Monica Crutters announced that she would be working with other countries, including museum directors and the Ministries of Culture, to develop a strategy for what should happen to art stolen from Africa. First, it is about the bronzes from Benin in Nigeria now: the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation has the second largest collection in the world and exhibits them at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin; Dozens are also available in Stuttgart and Leipzig. Crutters also uttered the magic word “restoration.” It no longer explicitly excludes revenue from goods. It enables real cooperation on an equal footing.
If the Europeans had wanted they could have saved a lot of bitterness for African countries – for 50 years. But as things turned out differently, the French art historian Benedict Savoy, who teaches in Berlin and Paris, wrote in his book “The Struggle in Africa …

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