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How I fell in love with a gangster.  Review of a Polish film on Netflix

How I fell in love with a gangster. Review of a Polish film on Netflix

Three hours – How much time does the director give us for the festival of visual firecrackers that broke the fourth wall and simulated the school essay level. This is nice, sometimes funny, but completely meaningless. Considering this an interest in Polish cinema, we may have turned it blind a long time ago. “Najmro. He loves, steals, and respects”, however, shows that formal overindulgence must work, at least to some extent, in the service of which the story is told. Mateusz Rakowicz saw the Polish counter-cultural hero in Zdzisław Najmrodzki and told us his fate in the pop version. In “How to Love a Gangster”, Kaulsky observed a quality clichக்கில் in Nicodemus Scotorsak and wore hypocritical expressions.

The director, along with co-writer Krzysztof Gureczny, forgot what to feed such stories. “How I Became a Gangster. A True Story” was good because, even though it was the perfect film, it was full of drama. Here, you can forget about the imaginary conflicts that keep us in front of the screen. A mysterious old woman tells a journalist about the fate of the main character, and the director happily shows them to us. However, Rosicrucian, who aims to rhythmically direct the story, is not here.

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