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How to download the HY4001 Skyworth HY4001 decoder from the new Android TV app

How to download the HY4001 Skyworth HY4001 decoder from the new Android TV app

The Android 10 update for Canal + subscribers began online with the Canal + Box 4K decoder and other users of this device on Friday. Google Concerns introduced Android TV 10 at the end of 2019. It does not differ graphically from previous versions such as Google TV, but it does introduce a number of improvements and fixes.

What changes does the new program bring?

“SAT Kurier” magazine reported that in the case of the Canal + Box 4K it includes improved playback of 4K content and with image sizes other than 16:9, improvements to the Multi-Live function (the ability to watch several channels at the same time), HDR mode selection and recall, ease of return to factory settings, Improved channel scanning in DVB-T2, increased stability of terrestrial broadcasts with errors in this standard and with HEVC encoding.

Set-top box users with remote controls using the Netflix button can now “activate” the device directly to this app. The sleep mode of the decoder can be selected during the first installation. The ability to hide the Wi-Fi password has also been added in the settings and the remembering of the preferred screen refresh rate has been improved. It will be easier to pair the remotes with the new software.

Device update occurs automatically. If someone wants to speed up this process, they can do so via the decoder settings. Then you need to select the following options: “Device Settings”, “Information”, “System Update”. As with computers, you should not unplug the device from the power source during the update.

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Pull popular decoder from sale

Although the Canal + Box 4K set-top box with its own online add-on Canal + for Android TV got a good rating by many users, it was withdrawn from sale. It is not known if and in what form it will return. The device is equipped with a tuner for receiving digital terrestrial television (DVB-T and DVB-T2 / HEVC). In the law on co-financing the purchase of equipment in connection with the change in the digital terrestrial television standard, the wording appeared that the head of the Office of Electronic Communications may penalize vendors who offer equipment incompatible with the decree of the Minister of Digitization.

According to the regulations, terrestrial receivers that allow the use of Internet content must support HbbTV. Canal + Box 4K does not allow the use of hybrid TV services (Including TVP GO, Polsat VOD, TV program and service with radio stations from Emitel). Canal+ is bringing the set-top box back for sale. However, it is not known in what form this will be possible. The broadcaster could prevent new users from using terrestrial television or acquire a UKE position that would allow them to continue selling equipment. On Android TV there are applications that are very similar in content to those known from HbbTV. Users can download TVP VOD, and in the future, TVP GO will also be available. Polsat GO offers almost the same content as Polsat VOD. In addition, on Android TV you can download Player, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and in the future also Disney +. HbbTV equipment does not allow this.

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