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How to go for a walk in space for $125,000

How to go for a walk in space for $125,000

An American company founded in 2020 called space perspective It offers two-hour spaceflights for $125,000.

The initiative seeks to be made by its customers An experience like never before At an altitude far from the Karmann Line, which is the internationally agreed boundary between the atmosphere and outer space, although it allows for a similar feel.

Tourists can decorate the place with lights as they wish.

The experiment is achieved by using a hydrogen-filled balloon that intends to climb for approximately two hours on board 100,000 feet or 30.5 kilometers above “99% of Earth’s atmosphere”. This initiative seeks to imitate Space flights that began to be carried out last year by some large companies such as Jeff Bezos, whose plane New Shepard reaches a length of 106 kilometers, although the flight is expensive: its cost is 250 thousand dollars.

The space has comfortable armchairs to enjoy the experience

The airship, named after Neptune, allows up to 9 passengers, including the pilot. The trip begins at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where the tourist will be able to meet the Space Perspective team and have a security and briefing. The entire experience lasts six hours.

People can have a snack or enjoy different cocktails on board.

Share cocktails, chat with fellow travelers, and select the perfect playlist to climb. Naturally, our cabin features a fully equipped bathroom with a view like no other. From Space Lounge, Explorers They will have an amazing 360-degree view through the largest windows ever flown into space. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection will allow you to bring your family and friends back to Earth for the trip,” the company’s website states.

Diagram of how Neptune rises and falls.

In addition, visitors can adjust the lights inside the car as they like.

People will have Wi-Fi on board to send photos to their families in real time.

In order for the experience to be “circular,” the flight was scheduled shortly after sunrise.