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Nest Hub Max: the Fuchsia for Google alternative to the Echo Show – this important new feature


With the Nest Hub Max, Fuchsia switches to another Google device. There is not much that can be seen at first glance – at first glance. There is already an important new job.

Fuchsia also turns the Google Nest Max into a Bluetooth speaker. (Source: Google)

  • Google Nest Hub Max gets an update with OS Fuchsia.
  • The Bluetooth menu is initially the most important new function.
  • More changes are likely to come with the new version in fuchsia.

Google’s Nest Hub Max smart home hub is currently being updated with the Fuchsia operating system. While nothing really changes at first glance on the screen of the Nest Hub Max, there is an important new feature to discover.

Google Nest Hub Max Zoom Fuchsia Mat Bluetooth Speaker

Through the Bluetooth connection menu, the user interface of the Google Smart Hub is complemented by device management for wireless connections to third-party devices. So you can use the Nest Hub Max as a Bluetooth speaker for smartphones, tablets, and computers. This functionality has been available for a long time in Amazon’s rival Echo platform.

But where are the visual changes from the fuchsia color on the Nest Hub Max? According to Google’s specialized blog “9to5googleThese could be served with the upcoming ‘F7’ fuchsia release.

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