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How to improve Battery life of Smart Watch

The smartwatch has become an all-in-one tool for everyone. It can serve as an alarm clock, pedometer, health and fitness tracker, social hub and more. You have to have your smartwatch with you all day and every day. It is gradually becoming a staple.

Like any other gadget, you might want your smartwatch to have a long battery life. People may have difficulty finding a charging base if they are traveling to remote locations. Smartwatches are useful when traveling, especially if you like to hike. Therefore, one may wish that their device did not discharge very soon.

Large Screen Smartwatches have a long battery life because they are built with the best possible technology. Users still want to use it for long hours without facing any issues or inconsistencies.

Charging your smartwatch at frequent intervals can get both tedious and boring at the same time and hence, we have listed some ways that a user can improve their smartwatch battery life.

Brightness – The brightness of any device takes up most of the battery. It should be changed according to the individual’s vision and preferences. If the brightness is increased, it consumes more battery power. However, if kept at a low or medium level, it can help preserve the battery life of your smartwatch.

Heart Rate Monitor4G Smartwatches that have a 24-hour heart rate monitor function drain their batteries faster than those that don’t. This feature can be disabled on the smartwatch to extend its battery life.

Turn off notifications – Turn off notifications for apps that don’t require constant monitoring and attention. Spam notifications can also consume a lot of your battery.

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Turn off background activity – You can reduce background activity or close some apps to save / extend your smart watch battery life. Use only the items you need and use the smartwatch for longer hours without worrying about a thing.

Try a different watch face – Some watch faces use more battery than others. Therefore, you should try to use a watch face that is less luminous and uses fewer colors. People with interactive or animated abilities consume more energy than others.

Check battery life and usage – Monitoring battery life and which apps are consuming the most power can give you a clear picture of where you need to reduce usage drums.

Uninstall unwanted apps – Using only necessary and useful apps and avoiding unnecessary apps can help save battery.

Limit your use – This can be a last option, but one should try to limit the use of their smartwatch to improve battery life. Try unlimited use. From apps while using it or a person can remove the smart watch at certain time of day.