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Huge canyons are found in China.

Huge canyons are found in China.

Chinese cavemen recently discovered a giant crater in Lie in China’s Guangxi province, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian. live sciences. The hatch is 306 meters long, 150 meters wide and 192 meters deep. And at the bottom of the pit, a whole forest was found, including trees about 40 meters high, the branches of which extend to the sun, which enters through the pit hole.

To get there, the researchers celebrated for more than 100 meters and then had to walk for hours to reach the bottom of the crater.

In the manhole walls there should be three cave entrances which are presumed to be from the time the manhole began to develop. Holes occur when rainwater flows into the ground and slowly dissolves the base layer.

Vegetation to the shoulders

George Finney, head of the National Cave Research Institute and Karst in the United States, believes the discovery is not surprising because southern China has many canyons and underground caves, Live Science writes.. He explains that some sewers are only 1-2 meters in diameter, but that local differences in geology, climate, and other factors can cause massive cavities to form.

It was Qin Lixin who led the expedition, and according to him the vegetation at the bottom of the pit reached their shoulders, he writes AccuWeather.

George Finney told AccuWeather he wouldn’t be surprised if they found species in the caves that hadn’t been discovered before and hadn’t been reported before.

In fact, it is the 30th hole that was found nearby and the area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its mere manholes, bridges, and natural caves.

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