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Huge increase in VPN services in Russia

Huge increase in VPN services in Russia

Sales of VPN services in Russia have surged since the invasion of Ukraine, reports CNBC.

The ten most popular VPN apps in Russia’s Google and Apple online stores were downloaded nearly six million times between February 24 – when the invasion began – and March 8. An increase of about 1500% compared to the previous thirteen days.

VPN services can hide the identity of the user’s location and identity on the Internet. This means that a Russian user can circumvent the harsh Russian censorship by connecting to the Internet through another country.

It may also mean that someone is accessing social media that has been blocked, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“This rapid increase means that people in Russia are actively looking for ways to avoid government censorship and censorship,” a VPN Surfshark spokesperson told CNBC.

Facts: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN works as an encrypted network tunnel. When you start the VPN application on your computer or mobile phone, all traffic from it is passed through the Swedish servers of the VPN service.

Individuals may purchase the Service for the purpose of surfing the web anonymously, accessing region-restricted services or protecting their information on public networks.

Companies and authorities often have their own VPN service to increase the security of your wireless network connection.

Source: Internet Foundation

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