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Human error could cost BBVA nearly 140 million pesos - El Financiero

Human error could cost BBVA nearly 140 million pesos – El Financiero

The “human error“that generated customers BBVA Mexico They will think that they have received money as a gift from the bank and have created a balance to be redeemed by a bank of approximately 140 million pesos.

This Friday, the bank confirmed that they are nearby 200 ml account holders Those who have Negative balance in your accountwith an average amount of 700 pesoswhich they hope to recover in the following Three months.

That is, after the “mistake” of thousands of purchases made with debit cards in days April 27, 28 and 29which caused confusionsince The resources were still available in the accounts of thousands of usersMany used this capital, resulting in increased spending and negative balances in their accounts.

The banking institution explained that To get that money back Two programs have been launched.

Customers of these 200,000 accounts will get An option for you to pay that money back in three monthsAnd without charging any interest or fines, payment may be in Installment according to the economic capabilities of each customer You will be contacted directly by the institution.

For those customers who have a negative balance and who This option is not requiredAnd BBVA would like to invite you to a a little coffee So they will receive from Bank A A coffee coupon for an approx value of 40 pesos.

“A few days ago, we charged the corresponding fee for those purchases, which may have caused your account to be left with an extension negative balance”The Spanish Foundation reported.

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“In order to assist you, we will provide you with support at no cost to you. If you don’t ask, let’s at least buy you a cup of coffeeThey indicated in a statement.

BBVA . Errors

Los Unexpected bank deposit It was reported by some BBVA users a few weeks ago, They weren’t the only mistake That the clients of this banking institution suffered.

Users have faced many “system crashes” and failures in mobile applications in recent months; In addition to the problems of making or receiving deposits, even on weekdays.

BBVA Mexico currently provides banking services to 25.9 million customers and financial transactions carried out by the bank’s customers In the first quarter of this year they totaled 658 millionan increase of 27.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In this sense, the number of transactions within digital channels (mobile and web) represents 57 percent of the total (compared to 51 percent in the previous year) and has registered a growth of 43 percent in the past 12 months.