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Iceland parodies Mark Zuckerberg invites you to Icelandaverse

Facebook recently announced that it will change its company name to Meta (it will operate under the new name as of early December). Its president, Mark Zuckerberg, presented how it will be possible to use the metaverse – a project based on virtual reality, which, in his opinion, will be the successor to the mobile Internet.

Zuckerberg’s presentation was a parody of Inspired by Iceland, an entity dealing with the promotion of Iceland.

The clip, which lasts about 2.5 minutes, features Zack Mossbergsson – a presenter who likens the Facebook founder to the job of Chief Visual Officer. He has a similar hairstyle to Zuckerberg, wears similar clothes and points the same way.

Mossbergsson presents a story about a revolutionary approach to how we connect our world without being too weird.

Then we see a humorous presentation of the Icelandverse, a place that is “augmented reality without the silly-looking headphones”.

Mossbergsson shows how you can see the beauty of the natural world with your own eyes, touch real wet water or meet real people. At the same time, we see the beauty of Iceland, which is actually Iceland.

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