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ICloud Mail is currently with a leak for some users

ICloud Mail is currently with a leak for some users

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an Apple » Error: iCloud Mail is currently leaked for some users

Apple is currently experiencing some issues with its email display: iCloud Mail has not been available or is only limited to some users since this afternoon. The repair is in progress, but it might take a few hours.

Today, Thursday, it is time again: It’s stuck in iCloud. This time, iCloud Mail has been interrupted. Like Apple on its page for iCloud System Status Indicates (Continued link), iCloud Mail has a crash that started around 3:30 PM this afternoon. The problem is not resolved yet.

According to Apple, only a few users are affected by this issue

As Apple further explains, only a few users are affected by the iCloud Mail issue. These users may not be able to access iCloud Mail, or only after a delay.

Apple often uses the signal of the least affected users, but this means that several million users are still affected by some glitch. Usually it takes several hours to eliminate such malfunctions. Just a few weeks ago, there were a number of issues with iCloud in a row, which affected various services for some users for a while.

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