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If you want to win, show less ... Polish caught

If you want to win, show less … Polish caught

The final of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 22. Delegates from 26 countries will perform on stage as usual. We will not see Rafaz Prosovsky among them, who did not impress the audience by hosting the show “The Ride” in the semi-finals on Thursday. However, there is no shortage of emotions, which were also provided by one of the competition leaders, Nicky Tutorials. Influencer revealed what to do to beat Eurovision and not to beat it. This material shows part of a Polish performance that existed seven years ago.

Eurovision. Nikki Tutorials: If you want to win, show less … Poland got it

The history of Poland in Eurovision is interesting and tragic, but it can also be described as very different. For the past 27 years, we have sent dance pieces, ballads and folk themed songs to the competition. Like “My Soviyani” performed by Cleo and Donaton in Copenhagen in 2014. On stage with them were Ola Siuba, who was washing dishes in a bowl, and Paula Dumala, who mixed butter. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to win the Eurovision Network.

If you want to win, show it less … – Also provided a part of the Ukrainian performance since 2013, at which time the man was running on the wheel.

Eurovision Screen YT

However, it is worth adding that Nikki is not entirely right. The Polish proposal has attracted audiences since 2014 because Cleo and Donaton finished 14th in the final (which was the best result of our skills), and the extraordinary and somewhat controversial performance was loud around the world. So far, it has been viewed almost 7 million times.

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