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Jersey Wilk is dead.  Bice MP  Funeral of Jersey Wilk

Jersey Wilk is dead. Bice MP Funeral of Jersey Wilk

At St. Cathedral. Mycosage, MP of Law and Justice in Elblock City. Jersey Wilk conducted a funeral. The service was attended by Prime Minister Mathews Moraviski and PAIC President, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kokszki.

The funeral of Pius MP Jersey Wilk is of a state nature. The memorial service was held at St. Cathedral. Nicholas in Elbag. Funeral services were held immediately after the mass at the Elblock-Agricola Municipal Cemetery.

Jersey WilkLessek Simaski / BAP

The Prime Minister and the Bais leader are in the mass

Among other things, Prime Minister Mathews Morawecki and the President of Pyongyang, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosவாw Coxiewski, and the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Resort Terlecki came to Elblock Cathedral. Wilk was replaced by Jersey Smith, Adam Otkovsky, chairman of the Pais County in Allstein, Pomeranian and Warmione-Masurian, and Leonard Krazulski, Wojciech Kosakovsky and Robert Condor and Jordan Klabschor, who represented the Pies in the region. Elipeta Gellart, M.S. Zibiknev Zievsky is a B.S.L.

MP in Vistula Speed ​​Cut Project The director of the Maritime office in Guinea, which Wilk collaborated with, Visva-Pyotrkovsky, and Deputy Ministers of Infrastructure Marek Kruperksik and Kreskorsk Witkowski also visited the cathedral. Wilk was heavily involved in the implementation of this investment.

Prime Minister Matos Moravsky and PAIC President, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav KokszkiBAP / Adam Warsaw

“A man who did what he promised”

– We bid farewell to a man who has followed a difficult path, many of which have to be overcome, many of which need to go against the tide – said Jarosva Kokzyaski, chairman of the PIC on Friday during the funeral. Bais recalled Jersey Wilk’s actions in the anti-communist era during and after 1989 during the communist era. He emphasized Wilk’s involvement in activities for the benefit of the disabled.

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– A man who did what he announced, who announced during the 2013 campaign that he was going to change many things in Elbog, carried out the project 100%. He did everything he was told to do – Jaroslav Kokzyaski, referring to the campaign that won the early elections for the Elblock presidency. – He was a quiet, peaceful man, somewhat retreated, and he combined these features with energy, ability to act, ability to select collaborators, success building, personal, not personal success – collectively recalled MPBS.

Among the dead MP’s priority actions and plans for the region, he referred to the issue of the Vistula Speed ​​cut. President Coxiewski stressed that the deceased Jersey Wilk will be remembered by all who “walked with him on the road for more than 30 years.”

Funeral Jersey Wilk, MPBAP / Adam Warsaw

“Hot Patriot, Good Man”

Rizard Derlecki, Deputy Speaker of the Sezmin, President of the Pais Parliamentary Assembly, read the letter of Sezmin Speaker Elipeta Whitteck. It is also reminiscent of Jersey Wilk’s path from the opposition during the communist era to his parliamentary career through local government action. “In his life, he was guided by the good of his homeland and his deep concern for the people,” Whitteck wrote. “Pais has worked tirelessly, with experience and knowledge, and for many years moved to his hometown as a local government official,” he added. Marshall of Sejma expressed his condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased Jersey Wilk.

President Andrzej Duda presented the officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta posthumously to him in recognition of the public action of Pius MP Jersey Wilk. The decoration was received by the widow of the deceased. On behalf of President Andrzej Duda, the decor was unveiled by MP. Wilk’s widow was presented by Presidential Minister Adam Kuviatkovsky.

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Kvyatkovsky also read the letter on behalf of the President. It describes the deceased as “an ardent patriot, a good man who rendered great service to the Republic of Poland and to his hometown Elblock Company.” “He belongs to the ‘unity’ generation and the most important thing in his public service has always been free Poland, for which he worked,” President Duda wrote in a letter to those attending the funeral.

“He always found time to talk to us, stay.”

Marek Brussack, a former vice president of Elblock and an ally of Jersey Wilk, stressed that “a friend has passed away, a man with a loving smile for all who loved God, his homeland, and his city.” “His parliamentary office was intertwined with life, which was the center of history and patriotism,” he recalled.

Greskors Adamovich, the leader of the Solidarity in Elblack, read a letter from union leader Pyotr Duda. “Jersey Wilk was a friend of unity, he founded it after independence in 1989 and rebuilt its structures, but he never forgot unity and took it to heart,” said Piotr Duda.

Voidship Marshal Gustav Marek Presin said, “Regardless of opinions or differences, we say goodbye to a man who is open to cooperation and dialogue, always looking for a compromise, wholeheartedly with Elblock who lived and worked with him.”

Warmia and Missouri’s Voyage, Arthur Sojeki, noted that Deputy Jersey Wilk had left early. – He may have devoted many more years of his life to serve the government of his native Elblock. He landed well in regional and country history. His last big interest was to build a ravine via Vistula Speed, and he repeatedly argued that this investment would bring economic and social benefits to the Elbeck – Voyt said.

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The farewell letter was read by Monica Portiaska on behalf of the deceased’s family. “Even though he was busy and involved in city affairs, he always found time to talk to us and should be. He tried to get involved in our lives. He did what he could. He was not the father who cooked lunch, but helped with homework. Hopefully “- Jersey Wilkin’s family stressed.

Funeral rites in epidemics

At the cemetery, the white and red flag, which had previously covered the coffin, was handed over to the widow by Prime Minister Mathews Masovsky. A plane flew over the cemetery from the Elblock Aeroclub. In this way, the members of the flying club bid farewell to the deceased former president.

Elblock schools and local organizations attended the primary event.

For epidemiological reasons, only those with invitations were allowed into the cathedral. In front of the temple, a large screen was placed where the broadcast could be seen. Jersey Wilk passed away Sunday at the age of 66. He was a member of the local government for many years and was the 8th and 9th member of the Sage of the Republic of Poland, President of Elblock from 2013-2014.

Key Photo Source: BAP / Adam Warsaw