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Impressive results for the World Esports Championship. Sports was waiting for a lot of people

The League of Legends World Championships kicked off early Tuesday afternoon. The opening of the tournament is probably the most interesting match of all the possible games in the first stage of the event. Hanwha Life Esports has been acquired by China’s LNG Esports. Many spectators waited for the start of the 2021 World Championships, after all, many of them watched the first match.

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1.3 million spectators during the first match of the 2021 World Championships

widget esportscharts بوابة portal, whose mission is to collect data on different esports tournaments, and 1,299,525 people watched the confrontation between Chinese and Koreans. It should be noted that the site does not take into account statistics from China, these are not generally available. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the final number of viewers was much larger, the longer one of the teams from your position participated in the competition.

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Will the coming days be more popular?

This is a great omen for the World Championship in lol. Tuesday’s competition is only the first day of the tournament, and it will run until November 5th. On October 11, the real world leaders will enter the game, because then the group stage will begin, where we will see teams such as MAD Lions, FPX, DWG KIA and T1. With today’s interest in fans from all over the world, we can expect better and better numbers for the world of 2021 in the coming days.

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You can follow the event live. The broadcast is prepared by the Polsat Games team, thanks to which you will watch the struggles on TV or on the Polsat channel at YouTube platform.

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