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In the game "Battlefield 2042" you will appear ... Sazarik.  The creative people wink at the Polish players [WIDEO]

In the game “Battlefield 2042” you will appear … Sazarik. The creative people wink at the Polish players [WIDEO]

In October of this year, players will get “Battlefield 2042”. In the latest EA studio production, the creators wink at Polish gamers. In the Polish version, a special bot that can accompany us will be called Szarik.

Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to premiere on October 22. This is the next version of the most popular game from EA studio. You can pre-order it now for both PC and consoles.

As it turned out, the creators decided to return to the popular series “Czterej pancerni i pies”. The special robot, originally called Ranger, will be called Szarik in the Polish version. This is a clear reference to the name of the dog from the series that is still very popular today.

According to the producers, Szarik will be one of the elements of the diversification of the gameplay. He will accompany and help the player, distracting others, among other things. “After landing, Sharik will accompany you and defend you, even at the cost of his life! You can give him orders, for example to identify the location, return and follow your steps. If the situation becomes dangerous, remember that you have a self-destruction order at your disposal.”

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Żr: Wprost, YouTube/Battlefield

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